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Mobile App Usage and Growth Statistics for 2023

In this new generation of smartphones and mobile devices, the usage of such gadgets is rising at an astounding rate. People nowadays are constantly in touch with their mobile phones and tend to check them regularly with or without any good reason. You might wonder what people do after accessing their phones for so long without cause.

11+ Must-Know Phone Usage Statistics for 2023

Well, continue reading below, where we have mentioned all the must-know facts about mobile usage based on actual statistics.

#1. On Average, A Person Has 40 Apps Installed On Their Phone, Among Which 18 Apps Consume 89% Of The Total Time Spent.

Mobile app usage is a critical factor for the astronomical amounts of time people spend on their mobile phones. Well, as of the first quarter of 2021, the number of apps on Google Play Store were 3.48 million. A survey in 2022 has shown that most people have around 40 apps on their phones, and out of those 40, only 18 apps consume up to 89% of the total time spent on the phone.

#2. Adults Between The Ages Of 18-24 Spend Over 110 Hours On Apps Per Month On Average.

Mobile App Statistics in 2022 have shown that young adults, especially those aged 18-24, are the most avid mobile app users. Averaging around 112.6 hours spent on apps per month, adults in the age group, as mentioned earlier, spend more than double the time compared to people in their 60s.

#3. Social Media, Gaming And Communication Apps Dominate Mobile Usage Time.

According to a survey done by, more than 50 per cent of people who own mobile phones use some kind of social networking, game, or communication app as their most utilised application, if not all of them

#4. 83% Of People Who Own A Smartphone, Use Their Phones Even While In The Bathroom.

Recent Smartphone surveys in 2022 have indicated that among those who possess a mobile phone, particularly a smartphone, 83% of those people prefer to use their phones even when in the bathroom. This is especially true for people who take their phones with them when they go to the toilet.

#5. Millennials Tend To Use More Than 65 Apps On Their Phones While Using Around 25.

A mobile app survey 2022 discovered that millennials, on average, have around 67 applications installed on their mobile devices as of the previous year. Even if there are a substantial number of apps, the number of apps people utilise is still around 25. Consequently, a reduction in the total number of applications downloaded and used has been seen in conjunction with an increase in the age group

#6. Applications Used For E-commerce. Finance, Travel And Maps Take Up Only 4% Of Total Mobile Usage.

We have also seen the category for the too-used apps, but aren’t you curious about the least used ones? In 2022, An eCommerce app Survey has shown that app categories of eCommerce, finance, travel and maps, among other categories, get used only when needed and take up only 4% of the total mobile phone usage time.

#7. Social Media Is The Most Time-Consuming Application Category In Mobile Phone Usage.

Among all the mobile app categories, social media has been observed as the category where mobile users spend most of their time. Due to such statistics, mobile app development companies have shifted their focus to better-optimised social media applications to keep users hooked on their apps.

#8. E-Commerce And Retail Apps, Even Though Used Rarely, Consume As Much Time As Entertainment Apps.

According to the Mobile App Usage Statistics in 2022, even though E-Commerce and Retail applications make up only 2.6% of mobile phone usage, they still take up more time than the majority of the other app categories, with users spending an average of 65 minutes per week using these types of applications. This figure explains that consumers have a propensity to deliberate for some time before making a purchase decision, which contributes to the overall amount of time spent.

#9. People Use Their Phone For A Short Burst, Especially While Opening Doors!

Mobile phones are used very often, and that is a fact most of us know. But did you know that it has been surveyed that mobile phones are used a short time for checking the time or even notifications even more often? It has been observed that short-burst usage of phones is especially noticeable when opening doors or walking on the street.

#10. 73% Of The People Who Own A Smartphone Spend Time On Their Phones While Having Dinner.

Most of us have experienced eating while scrolling through our smartphones, but did you know that 73% of the people who own a smartphone spend all of their time on their phones while having dinner?

#11. Apps Were Downloaded More Than 204 Billon Times Globally Over The Last Year!

App download statistics in 2022 show that a total of 204 billion app downloads took place in the last year alone! App markets globally witnessed a significant rise in application download in the last year.

Final Words

Smartphones have become indispensable. The era in which we solely utilised them for making phone calls is long gone, and it’s become the centre of our existence. While there are many noticeable benefits to using a mobile phone, there are also many drawbacks.

That’s because they serve to separate individuals from one another. People have become less social due to their increased reliance on mobile devices. People may be in the same room simultaneously, but they won’t interact with one another because they’re all staring at their screens.

These eleven facts on mobile data usage statics in 2023 provide the necessary insight into the current global state of mobile users and how greatly we are attached to our phones in this generation.

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